Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just like old times

There was nothing special about that Saturday except that all my plans revolved around meeting a friend in the evening. Folks repeatedly asked and reconfirmed the same thing again and again.....not enough words to emphasize on the number of times my aai & baba asked me about what I was doing that evening & after. (But little did I know why this constant questioning was being done)
Still didn't think it was unusual because I have this constant complaint with everyone around me, that they like me to repeat everything and I obviously hate it. I guess, I have just come to crib about it and it has become a chronic feature of my character ;)
As usual, I lazed around during the day and made the call in the evening to A asking her where and when we were supposed to meet. We fixed a time after my predictable excuse that I still need to take a shower and won't be able to make it before an hour at least.....all this, and I still get delayed and we finally meet at 8. Had a pleasant surprise since G was in town and was going to join us for dinner with the little kiddo (her niece). It was a very nice evening and quite nostalgic as we passed through those familiar eateries (and then bickering that we should have at least had the nimbu pani), window shopping, squabble about the wallet colour, check out every shop on the street until we find the best (although not something that any of us does individually, as a group we always end up doing this). In the middle of all this, I found A lost in her phone calls which is normal, but the timing was not right. G tried to pull her leg but she made her usual 'frown + smile' face and said "Office friend yaaar". Finally, it was dinner time and all that walking and talking really made us feel that pit in the tummy. 

We decided to hit Monis as it was the nearest and liked by all place we could think of. Had to wait, Saturday evening rush....nothing unusual yet so atypical, that's how I would describe the evening so far. That morning I had nothing sketched out for the day but to have dinner and catch up with A, sleep over at her abt her trip and relax. So far everything was turning out to be much more than relaxing and fun....had not expected  G to join, so that was nice and the long lost saturday evening hanging out was so refreshing that it just made this smile appear on my face that won't fade away :)
We were waiting for our table and staring at the BIG fish tank, wondering whether some of those fishes were real considering how still they lay....frowning on the side abt other people laughing and talking so loudly that we couldn't hear each other...when I casually turned back and glanced through the window into the restaurant and saw this girl walking towards the waiting area. It was less than a second and I thought, Hey! that girl looks so much like P, the girl walked a little further and I thought, Wow, the similarity is uncanny....and I was about to say it out loud that, Hey look! that girl resembles P sooo much, when the door to the waiting area opened and I was zapped, Oh My God, is it true? Is that P? Oh My mouth was wide open, expressionless...actually the only expression was SURPRISED, SURPRISED, SURPRISED....IT WAS P! Oh My God!
Ya, I kept on saying it and I couldn't believe my eyes....P was here. The best way to explain my face would be the current commercial running on Indica Vista (Drivetech), where the guy is in awe of the car for days after the test drive. I was literally the same for a couple of minutes. I could feel people in the restaurant also staring and noticing my reaction. :)
It was funny coz just a few weeks ago, I was planning with P to give everyone a surprise about her visit until the wrath of mother nature decided to plume as EF-16 (can't ever get the name, don't think will ever manage) and here I am surprised myself :). Although I didn't mind it all....Aah, it was great! Missed Big A though :(
Whatever followed was Just Like Old Times....picked up the car from home, went for a long drive....singing along with the music....changing the song after every cream on talao pali and then stay over at A's house :) Playing cards, laughing, giggling (with G's witty twists), P's funny European (swedish, polish) words :D...until about 3:45 when everybody just dozed off.
That morning when I got up I didn't know that I was going to spend my evening this way and have such a wonderful time....I am so glad that no one told me and I could enjoy my surprise to the fullest :D. 
Really owe this to A P & G for making it happen :)

Some provisions made by God in life are really worth it....I mean, what's so great about always knowing everything before someone a chance to Give you that Big Surprise!


  1. Glad to had a fun evening. Still remember the ridiculously large fish in that Monis fish tank. I used to keep thinking that someday they are going to get too big and break out of that thing and start feeding on the people in the restaurant, lol..

  2. hahaha...Dada had a really different comment about them...he was telling me that Monis fish look pixelated as if someone has enlarged a small resolution image fish in photoshop or something....he is funny